Thursday, March 1, 2012

Scone Effects

So the whole scone thing has caused a little uproar.

I know!

I’m here to expose it all for you.

Right off, the day of the scone-off, all of us attending told our families what we were going to be doing that morning. People who’ve had a good scone get excited about them.

So my kids come home and I let them snack on the extra scones. (As much as we judges would have loved another one, we just couldn’t finish two batches by ourselves.) Audrey and Ben sat down and munched happily on theirs. Luke, well… once he discovered that these were not cinnamon chip, took his fist and!!! Scone debris flew everywhere! The other two just sat at the counter in shock, partially scone-full mouths hung open. In their minds they were thinking, “Adios, buddy. You’re as dead as that scone.” Good news: they still have a brother and he knows how to use a broom.

I told this precious little story to my friends, in which they returned their own stories.

From Lisa- Here's my story: I picked Jenna up from school and I told her about my day with the hi-light being the Scone-off. She got all smiley, thinking that I had brought her home samples to try (??? what in the world???)...and then bummed when she found out that was an incorrect thought. Boy, those scones make people REALLY happy.

From Peggy- When we picked Mason up he asked where his "stone" was :)

That’s not all, folks. I sometimes link my blog posts to my Facebook status (not all the time). I did that the other day with the Scone-Off post. Hah! People, ok, one person in particular was quite shameful. Here’s that person who shall remain nameless’s comment: I'm just sure I've complemented you on your scones. I really like your scones.

I laughed out loud then texted the nameless person’s wife telling her how funny the comment was. Then I asked if the nameless person had even read my post or was the nameless person just angling for scones? Her answer: “NO, he was just trying to get scones! Shameful!” He did end up reading it, so now things are better and we can look each other in the eye again. Laughing out loud

Others have said they’ve made my recipe before but it doesn’t turn out the same. Then they confess they used some weird flour or other altered ingredient. People, scones are not healthy. They are essentially flour, fat, and sugar with a little bit of leavening and flavoring. I’m all for eating healthy but I’m also for eating awesome tasting food and sometimes healthy and awesome tasting can’t be combined. So this is what I told my mom (she wasn’t the one substituting weird ingredients, though):  You should eat one, enjoy it immensely and then walk away, like 16 blocks (which is a mile, by the way)!

I have tried recipes with buttermilk instead of the heavy cream. Besides having to add baking soda, which is no biggie, I found that it turned the scone into more of a layered biscuit, similar to a buttermilk biscuit (sorry for stating the obvi.). This actually might be perfect if you want to split open your scone and dollop a jam or lemon curd on it. I prefer this recipe which is more of an over-all light scone, with the air pockets distributed throughout. (oh my- way too much thought into a scone!)

If you want the whole spread thing with your scone, then look for the traditional English scone recipe. Those are much harder and are perfect for dunking in tea or slathering with something delicious.

Now I need to end this little scone discourse. I do get such a laugh out of people’s responses to scones (a neighbor once told me they fought over the last scone!). Mostly, I’m just glad everyone enjoys them!!!


  1. So, you are telling me you are bringing scones to craft day?!?

  2. Hmmm... I wonder who that shameful person was? Since I live closer than 16 blocks to the scone source, does that mean I will need to take the long way home after partaking?


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