Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Siren’s Song

At noon, on Wednesdays, in my town, the tornado siren fires up and wails its song.

It is most annoying.

Yes, it also goes off on Saturdays at noon. It always has.

I’m used to that.

Except for when the daylight savings time isn’t switched on it and then it goes off at 11 am or 1 pm.

Or when it gets stuck and goes on and on for eternity, which in tornado siren time is really maybe a minute or two, but to the deafened population is eternity.

The Wednesday siren is new-ish. Within the last year new.

One can only assume that it is sounded as a practice or safety thing, since my town is not a factory town and has no need for a noon whistle.

Today, 12:00 pm chimed and right on cue, so did the siren.

My day, today, has been a day of feeling like swimming upstream.

Maybe better put, running into the wind. You feel like you are getting no where, when in fact you’ve leaned harder into the wind and exerted more energy hoping to traverse any distance at all.

Running into the wind can be tiring.

When I heard the siren, it interrupted my thoughts.

I then thought not nice thoughts about the siren.

What good is that siren?

What can I make good from that siren?

And then I knew.

What if I chose to have my day, my trials of many kinds day be interrupted?

What if I let my anxious for everything turn over into anxious for nothing?

In the song of prayer?

To the one who is never weary and who’s burden is light?

At noon, on Wednesdays, in my town.

 Siren 2

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  1. Since I grew up in the country, we had no whistles. But in a nearby town, that noon whistle always meant so much. 3 more hours until school is out. 1 more hour until the pool opens. My siblings and I are having a fun day at grandma's. And many more. But I like your thoughts.


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