Thursday, March 15, 2012

More adorableness

In case you haven’t figured it out, we have a dog now. A puppy to be exact. And she is consuming our life for the moment. It’s not just on here, she’s everywhere. Peeing on the floor, dragging Daddy’s glove out of the garage, sniffing out the yard, pooping on the carpet, filling up my camera, toys, treats, chewing on a few Hot Wheels cars, stopping passersby with her adorableness.

I’m sorry if you’re wore out from the puppy posts. But like I said, she’s consuming our life and that’s what ends up on here, too.

Let me drop a little more preciousness on you today. You’ll like it.

My sister stopped by earlier this week to see us and of course, Lucy.

Ariana dropped immediately to the floor to love on her.

Ariana and Lucy

Chiara was more interested in showing me her backpack. She was a little scared of Lucy. (It’s the nipping, which is really Lucy’s way of saying “Let’s play, but to Chiara means “I’m going to eat your hand”.) She liked puppy as long as I kept her head calm.

Lucy Gets Loved

Valor- wait! Don’t you just adore him? I know, me too!


Valor was all excited about Lucy. His little body just wiggled and his grabby hands took big fistfuls of fur. He also loved that Lucy was into his drool- he’s working on toof number two.

Say HelloI Like That

Puppies do bring out the smiles!


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  1. My running route the other day took me past your house. I was secretly hoping Lucy would come chasing after me as I ran down the street and I would have to take her home with me. She is so stinkin' adorable! Enjoy =)


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