Monday, March 12, 2012

To Name a Dog

It was a good thing there were only 4 puppies to choose from last weekend; we would have taken forever if we had all ten to pick from. That being said, we narrowed it down two before we left. A quiet male puppy and a curly-haired female, thinking that would be the hardest decision.

We were wrong.

The name of our puppy would be…?

Would… be..

Aah! We couldn’t all agree! So I asked for suggestions on here and opened it to my Facebook friends. (By the way, I’m seriously considering quitting Googling answers for things, I just ask my FB friends. They usually have great advice and if anything, make me laugh.) Boy, did they come through with suggestions.

Willow, Blossom, Daphne, Callie, Charlize (how do you pronounce that?), Pearl, Lacey, Suzy, Sadie, Goldilocks, Ryka, Aryka, Eric, Gidget, Pandora, Fiona, Toffee, Repent (so you can stand outside and yell “Repent”- haha), Moto, Trixie, Uncle Woogie (a friend’s son call their female dog that name- hahaha), Teacake, Putter, Beemer, Quit It, Ethel, and more. See, my Facebook friends make me laugh!

We had two picked out but again, we couldn’t decide. The battle back and forth between one son who didn’t care before but suddenly now cared and a daughter who didn’t like the brother’s choice but had no reason (except I believe she was exercising her teenage “rights”.) I was going to let Bill be the final call. I look to him to clarify things all the time and this seemed like an easy case for him. So, I told him the two names and he told me his preference. Then I told him the name the son liked and once again, we were back at square one!!

We picked up No Name puppy, giving her lots of love. The family we got her from asked about her name and we said we couldn’t decide. So we told them our two names and they liked both of them also!!

We have a night of playing, loving on and getting to know her. The next day, Audrey gets serious and she starts jotting down any names she can come up with.

Sweetie, Sugar, Spice, Misty, Missy, Karlie, Chelsea, Honey, Caramel, Rolo (that one was mine)

None of us agree on those names. So I grab Betty Crocker and cruise through the cookies and desserts sections. Hey, if Betty can help you cut up a chicken, she might also be useful in naming your dog.

Cinnamon, Butterscotch, Ginger, Gingersnap

The problem is, we don’t know what her coloring is going to be when she’s grown up. Her mama is a more red golden retriever and her rascal of a dad is presumed to be a border collie. Plus, we were advised to go out and yell her name to see if we would be embarrassed to yell it. I also tried out giving a quick command. “No, Cinnamon!”, just doesn’t roll off the tongue. I really liked Rolo, but it’s hard to say. We needed a firm dog name. I think our dog will have a fun and playful, but strong-ish personality (the collie coming through).

The next morning she was named. No more adamant rejections by any party. And just in time; people were starting to get hostile. No, not really, but I had several conversations that began with “Hi. What’s the dog’s name?”

And her name is…

Puppy to Go




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  1. Charlize = Charlize Theron = Char-leaze
    I have no idea if that makes any sense.
    But Lucy is a good name.
    HEY LUCY...!!!!


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