Thursday, June 2, 2011

A Confession

Dear Husband,

I know this week we will celebrate our 16th anniversary. We have had a wonderful time so far, through good and bad, easier and hard, etc. We really have and I look forward to so many more years with you. However, I have a little confession to make to you.

It’s your socks. No, not the holey ones. Those are long gone. In fact, you usually toss them out yourself. It’s not the smell, either. Thankfully you do not have stinky feet. It’s the muddy ones. The ones you wear riding your motorcycle. The ones that look like these.

Dirty Socks1

I’m sorry. I’m learning to deal with all the mud that comes from riding motorcycles. I can spend time cleaning your orange and white riding clothes. The mud in the driveway washes away with a good spray down with the hose. The dirt in the garage sweeps up. But the mud caked into your socks? No. No. I can’t.

I’m tossing them. Away. 

I know you’ll understand. I know you love me for more than my laundry abilities. I just felt like I needed to confess this to you. (on my blog. for the whole world to read about.)

Love, Mindy


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