Tuesday, June 21, 2011

He Can’t Even Tie His Shoes Yet


Want to see something?

Yes, that would be Luke. It was his second ride of the day. The first ride I captured with pictures.

What do you think?

Luke’s first job was to learn how to ride his regular bike without training wheels. He did that earlier this spring. Then his next job was to get better on two wheels. Check. Then he had to want to ride the motorcycle himself, not us pushing him to do it. Check. Since Ben got the orange KTM bike, Luke really saw the Yamaha as his bike and I think he was just itching to ride it.

A helmet is #1 necessary. The t-ball clothes not quite so necessary. Learning how to handle the throttle is important and you can hear Luke kind of rev it when he first gets going. Him falling over at the end… don’t panic. Stopping and not falling over is pretty hard to do. He’ll get better.

As if the video wasn’t enough, here’s a couple of pictures to go with the whole event.



We’re all pretty excited and proud of him. Now, on to shoes.


  1. So, I have a coworker that leaves in the country off E-57, and they have a little dirt bike track. Would you guys want their number, to possibly go ride out there some day? They have 2 boys, both in elementary. The youngest might be Ben's age, but I'm not sure. Just thought I'd share.

  2. I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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