Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Patriotic Classical Music

Along with those grilled burgers, potato salad, Rainbow Gelatin Cubes, and apple pie, it’s time to put a little music to all the 4th festivities. I know you’ve got all your faves already so I want to give you just one classical album to add to your listening.

This one, Americana. It’s a collection of many different composers and pieces. Many you will have heard before and though not written specifically for Independence Day, the pieces evoke a sense of patriotism and purpose.


There is only one piece, Shenandoah, that I personally don’t prefer. That’s my opinion. Buy the album, listen, skip over what you don’t like.

In my hometown, the local radio station would play patriotic music during the fireworks. I think that’s a great idea. Maybe you could squeeze in a couple of these into the mix this year.

If you have other classical patriotic pieces you’d love for us to listen to, leave a comment telling us.

Happy listening!


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