Thursday, June 9, 2011

New Header and Summer List

Look! I changed the blog header: picture and size. Lori, I never could figure out where you said I could change the size. Thanks for trying to help. This time around was exactly the same. I actually did find a helpful answer via blogger’s help site. To resize pictures, go to I did it under “tools”. All the fun photo edits were done with Picasa and Picnik (free!) What do you think?

The day school got out the kids and I made our summer list. I punched out some favorite scrapbook papers and we wrote out things we wanted to do this summer. It took a while and we’ve added as we’ve thought of them so there are more things on the board than what’s shown.

Summer List 1

Hah! I’m looking at it now. Fires- now that really means fires in our fire-pit. Stay up all night- NOT looking forward to that one. I managed to get out of it last year, but I doubt I will be able to this year.

Short blog post- nothing riveting today.

Have a great weekend!



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