Friday, June 17, 2011


I know, again, with the Christmas in June thing… Sorry, I just didn’t know what title to put for Wednesday’s post. And now, of course, I can’t use those pictures for our Christmas card. Did you see any resemblances?

When my mom and uncle were cleaning out the farmhouse of my grandma’s things, they came across her collection of Nativity scenes. My mom thought maybe the great-grandkids would each like one. (Us daughters and daughter-in-law smiled politely.) So at the last cousin’s day at my house, I had Audrey and Cora help me unwrap and arrange all of them on the counter for the rest to come through and look at. Sort of like The House On the Rock, except much shorter and not nearly so claustrophobic.

At first, the girls weren’t too excited. Audrey balked at the idea because she said they wouldn’t be correct. The wise men were not at the stable; they came almost a year later!!! I said she didn’t have to help. However, one of the first boxes they pulled out was one with a button you pushed and out came the most obnoxious telling of the Christmas story along with a song and they were hooked. One manger scene had what they described as Peter Pan flying over (which was supposed to be the angel). They laughed, giggled and joked their way through the rest.

Nativity Collection

There were over 28 different scenes and then doubles of some and one triple! But you know what? I never remember seeing any of them.

They’re not worth much. Grandma picked them up either at Wal-Mart or Hy-Vee because she loved them.

The kids all paraded through and picked out one. The noisy one was the most popular and it is now on a rotating schedule- each year a different house (if it makes it that far).

Now, what do I do with the rest? Can you give a Nativity scene as a white elephant gift? Bingo prize? Buy a glass of lemonade, get a free Nativity scene?

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  1. We have three complete and separately unique Nativity's. They will be passed to our children. One for each child. They do not get to choose. The Nativity will be numbered. Each child will draw a number to coincide with a Nativity. Voila!

    Donate them to your church?


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