Monday, June 6, 2011

School Papers

You know I couldn’t go much longer without showing you how I organize something else. Here’s what I’ve found for organizing those school papers.

Find these at, um, Staples. Probably Office Depot, too, but there isn’t one nearby where I live. I’d suggest buying the next size bigger since construction paper projects fit better.

File Box

Each kid gets one per year. Here, I have Luke starting with 2005, when he was born and ended up marking it all the way to Summer, 2010. Then his preschool box says: Luke, Preschool, 2010-2011.

Labeled File Box

Don’t forget to mark on each paper person, age, etc. When I come across something I want to save, it just slips in the box.

Done. Easy.

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  1. Very cleaver, Mindy! (Hence Staple's slogan: That was easy. :-))


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