Monday, June 13, 2011

Dayton Hare Scramble

You don’t know it, but I’m a little bit behind in blogging and in race coverage. I realize that you’re fine with that. All of you, except my unidentified secret blog readers who live for the thrill of reading about my boys racing. Open-mouthed smile (I know you’re out there, feel free to say hi, you’re safe here.)

Okay, so on to the thrill…

Sunday, June 5,

Dayton, Iowa,

a farm lot and some timber,

gasoline, oil, mud, noise,

moms, dad, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents.

The 50’s class, featuring Ben!!

Ben Dayton 5 Dads stay very close to their racers. They are needed to sometimes help start the bike, help pick up fallen riders, and in this race, direct riders around the course.

Ben Dayton 6

Ben Dayton 8

Grandmas are needed to say little prayers and be completely biased fans. Brothers are needed to time laps and play with Mom’s cell phone when they are bored.

All Three

Ben Dayton 1Ben Dayton 2Ben Dayton 7Ben Dayton 4Ben Dayton 3

“Can I ride some more?” The kid is addicted!

After Race Smile

Then we have Bill’s race. The course was 6 miles long so we only saw him a handful of times over the time of 2 hours. Do you need me to explain the timing/scoring thing to you? Keep reading.

Bill Dayton 1Bill Dayton 2Bill Dayton 3Bill Dayton 4Bill Dayton 5

Race results: Ben got 4th place! Bill got 3rd! He did get a plaque and I did take a picture but I am not allowed to show you a picture. It was the birthday boy’s request. Actually, I can never show you another picture on here of Bill’s trophies and stuff because if I do, he might not let me have this blog anymore.

So here’s how the timing/scoring thing goes. It’s essentially the same for everyone.

For the mini’s (50’s, 65’s 85’s), racers ride for 30-45 minutes. The larger bikes ride for about 2 hours. Scorers keep track of how many laps are completed. Most laps wins. In this race, Bill got to the gates at 1:58 in and so he got another lap to try to finish.

There’s more, but *yawn*, I can tell you need a break.



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